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Why VR dating?

Personality first ❤️

VR lets you be more authentic: it frees you from surface-level judgement and swiping. When you can choose how you look, it's personality that makes the difference.

Get to know each other first before exchanging any pics!

Easier dates ✅️

What if you could skip the awkward messaging and meet your date right away? Well you can, in VR.

Cooler dates ⭐️

In VR, grab a coffee, visit an amusement park, or go to the moon without leaving your home (and without spending a dime).

Safer dates 😎️

Maintain social distance without sacrifice. If you're not having fun, just say goodbye and take off your headset.

Defeat geography 🌎️

Don't limit yourself to just your town or city: in VR you can meet people from all backgrounds and from all over the world. VR makes long-distance relationships work!

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Future of Sex: “When you’re not trapped in your own body and the curated image and words of someone else... Only then will you have a window into the true personality—or soul—of another.”

"Whatever Next?" Podcast, Samsung UK: “You can be a more authentic version of yourself if you're not shrouded by the noise that normally comes with, ‘is my hair looking okay’ or ‘what if they see me blushing?’“

The New Yorker: “VRLFP—Virtual Reality Looking For Partner—advertises itself as the perfect solution for daters who’d rather not deal with the hassles of Tinder flirting or late-night bar crawls.”

Webwire: “VR connects people across the world for convenient, safe dates that exceed the limits of reality.”

Dr. Barber, Dazed Digital: “VR can provide a wonderful fantasy space… for those who can’t easily get out and about in the real world.”

Virtual Week-ality: “VRLFP has a lot of potential to bring various groups of our community together.”

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