VRLFP - Premium for you, for free

It's been a tough few weeks months for a lot of people - here's something that might make it a little better.

We're offering premium features for all VRLFP users until May 31st TBD - you can now see who likes you before you match, upload unlimited profile pictures, write a fancy Markdown bio, embed a 3D model of your avatar on your profile, access advanced profile filtering, and block ads.

Additionally, we're launching a sexy new look for VRLFP and some performance improvements (much more to come!).

This is just a little sneak peak at what we've been working on. We've still got a big (big!) update in the works. No spoilers!

Until then, this one's on us.

So refresh those profile pics, drink some water, and head on over to VRLFP.net. Let's make social distancing a little more social. Happy matching ❤!

Welcome to VRLFP!

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Why VR dating?

Date more

We get it. You can't date everyone you meet on Tinder. You need to budget your time and money. Some people are serial killers. Some people are far away. So you play games, flip coins, and spend hours coming up with lame pickup lines.

Hold up. Are we rejecting potential partners based on a text or two? Don't we have the technology to converse with more than plain text? (No, emojis and GIFs don't count.) Uh, yeah, we do.

So try dating with VRLFP. Grab a coffee, visit an amusement park, or go to the moon without leaving your home and without spending a dime.

Be safe

Not having fun? Just block your date and take off your headset.

That said, do be careful divulging personal information to other users on VRLFP. In particular, consider using a new username. We are not responsible for other users.

Screw geography

Don't limit yourself to the boring people in your town. VR makes long-distance relationships work. If you can do something IRL, you can probably do it in VR. If you can't do something IRL, you can probably still do it in VR. Oh yeah, and teledildonics exist.


Share your best VR date screenshots on Twitter with the hashtag #VRDating and tag @VRLFP — we'll feature our favorites here!